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Created for Ludum Dare 40 Compo with the theme "The more you have, the worse it is".
Happy Bot Mess is a turn based tactics game. You control two military happy killing bots that have a serious bug: their attack and movement are bound to the number of bullets in their weapon.

For example, if they have 1/4 bullets in the weapon their movement range is four tiles and they make four damage. If they have a full clip of 4 bullets they can only move one tile and make one damage. Every move also costs a bullet because the Happy Bots are rocket jumping. Choose your moves wisely. By the way these gameplay rules do not apply to the enemies.

Gameplay Basics

Your units have one move and one action per turn. The action can be used for attacking enemies, healing a friend and the unit itself or reloading. Using the action ends the units turn. Use the buttons on the units UI or the number keys 1-4 to select an action. Reloading is done instantly on clicking the button. For attacking and healing you have to select the action. Then all targets in the skill range are highlighted. If no unit is highlighted, you can not use the skill. But that is poorly communicated. When both units actions are used you have to end the turn via enter or the button at the top.

Created by Sören Hoffstedt. I'm looking forward to hear your feedback.

Install instructions

The windows version requires the .Net Framework version 4.5.2 or newer. Usually it should work on your machine out of the box. Using the Mono Runtime you can play the game on both Linux and Mac. Simply start from the command line using the mono HappyBotMess.exe command.


LD40-HappyBotMess_win.zip 7 MB

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