A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game was created during the LOWREZJAM 2016.

Demons (they are evil!!) took over our castle. To take it back, you have to find an acient artifact. You will find it's five pieces in the caves of our lands.

Head Spin Rouge is a rogue-like created during Lowrezjam 2016.

You will find a help section in the pause menu, explaining the games mechanics, controls and enemies.

How To Play:

Arrow Keys: Move. Attack enemies and pick up items by moving on their tile.

S: Sprint (move three tiles, has a 5 turn cooldown)

Space: Enter/Exit range combat

Left/Right: Select target in range combat

A: Attack targeted enemy in range combat

ESC: Pause Menu (including help/tutorial)

UI Controls:

Because of the resolution restrictions all of the user interface is hideable. In the context of the game, information will pop up.

Ctrl: Show/Hide all stats

H: Show/Hide only health

Some Soundeffects and the music are from Kenney.

For questions or feedback you can find me on Twitter: @yellow_what

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and start Head Spin Rogue.exe. On Windows .net Framework 4.5 or newer is required. You can download it here, if it's not already installed.

On Linux and OSX the .exe is runnable via the mono runtime

The provided linux build contains MonoKickstart. You can start Head Spin Rogue.bin.x86(_64) or try the provided Shell Script (did not work for me).


Head Spin Rogue 1.0.zip 6 MB
Head Spin Rogue 1.0 Linux.zip 34 MB

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