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This is a procedural map generator released for the ProcJam18. Play around with different parameters, discover interesting spots, and, if you like, learn how it is done by looking at the source (but no guarantee that it's done well).
I worked on this generator on and off for multiple months and decided to bring it in a releasable state for ProcJam18.
Warning: Generating rivers can take very long, especially on big maps.


  • Camera Movement: WASD, arrow keys, or drag with right/middle mouse button pressed
  • Zoom: Q and E, or scroll wit mouse wheel

The generator is build with Monogame and the source code can be found on my github page. There you can also find a todo list with some ideas of what I would like to improve.

Code and art done by Sören Hoffstedt. You can find me on Twitter. Thanks for checking this out!


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Isometric-Map-Generator-0.2.3.zip 5 MB

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Can it get a export feature?


This is a really amazing generator friend. Keep up the good work. We will be reviewing this generator on our pages. Will let you know once we do.


Isometric city-builders are up my alley, so I really liked the execution of this! Reminds me of the map tools for early Sim City games or OpenTTD. I think there's interesting potential for this tool but regardless on it's own it's a neat idea! Good job!


this is awesome! really like how the rivers look.


this is really cool!!! I'm getting all sorts of story inspo from these maps...

if you update this, please consider putting in an export/snapshot feature, because 256+ won't fit on the screen all at once and I wanna admire all of it!