A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A short space management game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 44. You can find the source code on my github.

Space Struggle is a space management game. You are the captain of a rebel ship that fights the Dog Catcher Association (DCA) to protect the dog population of your solar system.

Today you attacked a DCA outpost and freed seven cute puppies. Several DCA ships are hunting you as a result. They hacked your bank account and you are not able to access your money. You must reach your Home planet. They can defend you from the DCA.

Your fuel is limited and you will have to trade parts of your ship for fuel to reach Home. Selling parts will make you slower and weaker. Selling too much of the wrong parts can mean death. Your ship has four types of parts: Scanning, Speed, Damage, and Defense parts. Check the ingame help screen for more explanations.

Let’s hope you can make it Home. FOR THE DOGGOS!

Install instructions

The linux build comes with mono kickstart (it bundles the mono runtime). You can run the windows .exe yourself with the mono runtime.


Space_Struggle_1.0.zip 5 MB
Space_Struggle_1.0_linux.zip 32 MB

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